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August 1, 2013 / tyandolivia

Living Fearlessly Among Satan’s Lies

Today, I am not writing about food. Sorry.

Today, I am writing about passion. About journeying. About love.

About living fearlessly.

Fear has been a recurring topic in my mind for the past several weeks. My minister has been preaching about it. I’ve been reading Jon Acuff’s book Start and he writes about punching fear in the face. The power of fear is on my mind.

This coupled with no job and a lot of time inside my mind has led to some interesting dinner conversations during which I talk nonstop and Ty looks at me wide-eyed and overwhelmed. Whenever I finally stop talking he usually says something to the effect of “HOW do you have so much to say???”

Oh well. But back to Living fearlessly.

It sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? To be fearless. Fiercely fearless.

But I keep getting hung up on the word. Fearless. Without fear.

If you approach something without fear…is it really worthwhile? Is it amazing? Is it risky? While I love the idea of living fearlessly, I can’t help but wonder if a life worth living is led completely without fear.

Isn’t the fear factor what makes something exciting? Daring? Worthwhile?

If it’s easy, it wouldn’t strike a chord of fear within me. If there is no risk, why be afraid?

Satan is so powerful. I’m a Christian, did you know that? I am.

So, let’s get real – Satan is super powerful. As much as we like to think of our life as “just me and God” it’s not. It’s me, God and Satan. He is the third and mostly invisible character in the story of our lives.

And he likes it that way. He wants us to forget that he’s there. That the doubt, guilt and paralyzing fear is because we just don’t have what it takes. We can’t do something amazing. We can’t make a difference.

I will never do anything more than live and die. No one will remember me. What I do doesn’t matter. I’m just here. Changing diapers. Sweeping the floor that will just get dusty again. Driving to the grocery store and back home. That’s it. That’s all I do.

LIES! He lies! Satan is a lying, good-for-nothing, no-good (ha, these are Christian curses) LIAR! Do not listen to him!

God does not call us to be perfect. He is perfect. That’s why he is the biggest character in the story.

He calls us to believe and be faithful. Obedient. Trusting. Not perfect. He will do that for us.

He just wants our faith to be bigger than our fear. Think of it as a seesaw where faith is a 500-pound lion and fear is a 100-pound python (fear is no weak little minnow).

God can work with that. He can work with anything, really. But the great stories are the one’s where our faith is bigger than our fear. That is living fearlessly. That is living big. That is living in a way worth talking about.

My biggest fear at this exact moment? Publishing this post. This could be a bunch of mushy gushy mumbo jumbo to someone.

But maybe, to someone else, it’s what they needed to hear. It’s what I needed to say.



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  1. Sarah / Aug 1 2013 6:51 pm

    Awesome post Olivia!!!

  2. Summer / Aug 1 2013 7:43 pm

    Olivia this is such a great post! Love your writing. And your honesty. You are BRAVE 🙂

  3. Sandy / Aug 1 2013 7:56 pm

    Olivia Keep blogging…You have so much to say…

  4. tyandolivia / Aug 1 2013 7:58 pm

    Thank you everyone!

  5. Christina / Aug 2 2013 1:41 pm

    Liv, I’m so glad you wrote this. There’s something so confusingly freeing about sharing your personal thoughts with the world. You did a great job and I love how that even though we’re in completely different phases in life that we experience so many of the same thoughts and emotions. You can call me throughout the day to talk and give Ty a break 🙂 I love you and can’t wait to catch up soon.

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