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April 22, 2013 / tyandolivia

All You Do Is…

I have returned to the blogosphere for a special day: my sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday to the one who taught me that All You Do Is…

When we were living in Atlanta, Sarah would invite me over for dinner once a week for “family night”. She’d make a meal and I would bring dessert, usually of the frozen variety from Publix (not Kroger because all the cute guys were at Publix. This is a real thing.)

Anyway, we’d be eating and I would exclaim at how delicious it was and every. single. week. she would say, “It’s so easy, all you do is…” and then proceed to tell me exactly how to make whatever it was we were eating.

This continues today. Sarah has taught me so much in life from how to ride my bike (avoid SAND and GLASS), how to straighten my hair (a lot of product) and how to make so many easy dishes from black bean tacos to sausage, asparagus and mozzarella pasta (so delish).

She is an amazing wife, mother and follower of Christ. I love how happy she gets over the simplest things and how hard she works at home and in her job.

And although Nora Ephron has declared her past the bikini-wearing age in life, I think we can all agree she still has it goin’ on.


Happy birthday Sissy, love you!!!


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