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March 20, 2013 / tyandolivia

Sandwich Bread, World Peace and Other Thoughts

My mind is scurrying around this morning and can’t settle on one specific topic. Instead of trying to nail one down (it is my blog after all, ha!) here are all the places my mind is wandering:

Toasting sandwich bread

Ty has changed my life once again. In his own naturally analytical way, he solved the problem of how to have toasted bread for a sandwich without tearing up the roof of my mouth (first world problem, I know). He made me a sandwich this past Sunday by stacking two slices of bread and putting it in our toaster oven so one side of each slice gets toasted and the other doesn’t. Make the sandwich with the soft side on the outside of the sandwich and voila! Toasted bread and an intact mouth. Also – I always, always want to spell sandwich as “sandwhich”. Anyone else?

Easter Dinner Menu

My mother and I were discussing our Easter dinner menu the other day. We are somewhat uninspired. She usually makes lamb and we eat at the dining room table with her fine china and crystal. With three kids under three, dinner is getting a little more chaotic. Should we have ribs on the grill and eat on paper plates at the kitchen table like we’ve been doing for the sake of simplicity? Or do we celebrate Easter as usual, taking the opportunity to use our nice things and channel our inner Welsh and Southern routes of formality? What are you eating for Easter dinner? Any traditions that can’t be missed?


My mom, sister and I are heading to the beach next week for our annual girl’s trip. I haven’t had raw oysters since I’ve been pregnant and it’s about all I can think about. I fully intend to partake of the delicacy while I’m there.


I love my husband so much. He’ll be gone tonight and I’ll be at book club tomorrow. I made chicken pot pie on Monday. He basically insisted we eat them for leftovers last night rather than have me make another meal that would last him the rest of the week. So we did. It’s gone. He’s going to have a sandwich for dinner tonight. What will he eat tomorrow? I have no idea. I love him for letting me stay home and not insisting I have a fresh, creative, piping hot dinner on the table right when he gets home.

Food Brings People Together

I heard someone say this when I was in high school and I still believe it’s true. It seems the best way to get any awkwardness out of the way or to help someone feel more comfortable is to involve food. Do we all just need something to do with our hands? Is the fact that eating in front of someone makes you a little vulnerable (do I have food on my face? Are my table manners ok? Do I have food in my teeth? Did I eat too much? Not enough?) Or is it that food provides us some form of comfort arming us to handle situations better? Who thinks or acts their best when they’re hungry anyway?

In short, would the world be a better place if we invited people into our home and ate together more often? Is it possible to create world peace with a loaf of bread? Maybe not, but it could be a start.

My NYE party - bringing people together with a timeless classic: pigs-in-a-blanket.

My NYE party – bringing people together with a timeless classic: pigs-in-a-blanket.

That is all. Happy Wednesday everyone. I’ll be back here tomorrow with more random thoughts. Clearly, I’m not cooking very much this week. 🙂


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