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March 7, 2013 / tyandolivia

My New Fave: Root Vegetables

Anyone who knows me or read my first blog of 2013 knows I recently gave birth to a son. He is 10 weeks old today. This means my days are a little unpredictable. Some nights, the house and the baby are clean and dinner is made when Ty gets home. Other nights, no one and nothing is clean, dinner is just an idea, the baby is crying and I’m ready to hand him off to Ty.

This was the case Tuesday night. I had plans to make butternut squash soup (Ty’s recipe), but the day went the opposite as planned and Ty gallantly (and wisely) volunteered to make dinner.

He decided to roast a chicken with some root vegetables. The chicken was delish and served with a lemon, butter sauce.

But the real treat were the root vegetables.


Please note how Ty’s creative photographing skills have improved 🙂

He served radishes (which I adore), sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips which are a brand new vegetable to me. After devouring the meal, I proclaimed root vegetables as my favorite kind of vegetable.

Sure, I like grilled broccoli covered in Ty’s garlic butter and I’ll take his kale salad with avocado dressing and candied walnuts any day, but these root vegetables are savory and seem to meet some kind of vegetable deficiency I never knew I had.

Joy of joys, we are having them again tonight. And yes, that means Ty is cooking again. I know, I’m blessed.

Ty cooking


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