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March 1, 2013 / tyandolivia

Outdoor Propane Stove Makes “Grilling” Hotter

For those who don’t know, Ty is basically working two jobs right now. He has his day job and is temporarily interning at our church to help with the Youth Group (which he loves, so don’t feel too sorry for him). That said, I wouldn’t expect to see too many blog posts from him in the near future.

Fortunately for me, he is still cooking! Not as often as when I was pregnant and working, but often enough for me to catch a break and enjoy something truly delicious and creative.

Last night, Ty broke out his new outdoor propane stove. He got a Sportsman DBCIS double burner outdoor cast iron propane stove for Christmas along with an enameled cast iron pot from my parents. That’s my husband. He asks for cooking gear for Christmas.

I didn’t really understand what was the big deal about this outdoor stove. We already have a Coleman outdoor stove that we use when we go camping (another Christmas gift from my parents…I am seeing a trend here…) and a grill. But I started to understand when Ty served up two perfectly cooked steaks prepared on his new toy. He also used it last Saturday when he made eggs and bacon in the garage. The smell of eggs and bacon is nice for breakfast, but two days later it still permeates through our house. This has been a nice way to make the foods we love without stinking up the place for days on end.

But why did he need to cook the steaks on the stove? We have a nice grill which works perfectly fine.

Apparently, the propane stove gets even hotter than our grill. He uses a cast iron skillet on the stove and since the grates of our grill are steel and not cast iron it doesn’t get as hot. With the outdoor stove, Ty can get the skillet up to 550 degrees!

Now, I’m pretty picky about my steak. I like it medium rare – pink, but not mooing. I don’t like a lot of fat on my steak either. And I definitely don’t like steak in a skillet on the stove. But I’m telling you, this is completely different than what you would imagine.

He says the secret to this steak is…well, actually I can’t remember. But here are a couple tips he told me in his Ron Swanson voice while I was gobbling down the meal last night:

  • Let the steak rest before and after cooking. It should be at room temperature when you put it on the stove (or grill for that matter) and should rest after you take it off
  • Prep with salt, pepper and a little oil

That’s it. The red wine reduction will be for another day. I have no idea how he made that as I was in the living room reading Jane Austen and drinking red wine. It’s a good life.

Here is his Amazon review on the stove:

Our kitchen, while well stocked, does not have very good over-the-stove ventilation – so whenever I sear meat, make bacon or deep fry anything, our whole house smells like it for a couple of days. I bought a regulator hose from the local Walmart and connected the propane tank from my grill. Now I’m able to do some seriously messy cooking on our patio or in the garage (with the door open, of course) without smelling up the whole house.

It’s a very basic setup but that’s what I was looking for. The hardware fit together relatively easily and I didn’t feel like the legs were going to fall off although I am considering replacing the bolts, nuts and washers holding the legs on for a little more peace of mind as those provided felt a little less secure than I would like them.

My only real complaint is that some of the ports in the burner are clogged from the sand casting process but I think the heat of using the stove is starting to clear them out – the stove still cooks just fine.

This thing puts out serious heat – I was able to heat up an iron skillet to about 550F to sear our steaks last night.

Overall I’m very happy with the stove – if anything changes I’ll write an update about it.

On the stove

On the stove

Perfect steak

Perfect steak served with baked potato and salad – a meal from my youth 🙂


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