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June 25, 2010 / tyandolivia

My Inner European Embraces Cappuccino

As I have previously stated, I had quite an influential time in Italy three summers ago. It literally changed my life. After that summer I liked red wine and pasta – two things I always wanted to like but didn’t before the trip. Since coming back, I am very interested in trying other European things that I haven’t liked…such as cappuccino.   

I know it’s not the same as sculpting and like, learning the language or anything, but when I have a post-dinner decaf cappuccino I feel very cultured. (Speaking of, this reminds me that this is the drink Tom Hanks orders in “You’ve Got Mail” which is my all-time favorite movie. But I digress.)      

Ty has also taken to having a decaf espresso after a fancy meal at a fancy restaurant. We hardly ever go out, so when we do we go ALL out. Espresso and all.   I am an ex-Starbucks Partner and after making millions of cappuccinos, I could still never understand why people like them. (Confession: I’ve never had a Starbucks cappuccino, but I’ve made them and it doesn’t look appetizing. So I have no comment on their cappuccinos. If you love them, then I’m very happy for you.)      

My first great cappuccino was at Terramia , a restaurant in the Central Florida area near my office. It was delicious and I was enchanted.     

Terramia's cappuccino


Since then, I’ve been hooked. I was already hooked on coffee. I am very loyal to my Starbucks and I go every single morning (except on the weekends when I brew espresso coffee instead of Starbucks’ regular coffee because it honestly doesn’t taste the same.) Ty was shocked to find this out – especially since it just hit him this week that I go every day.     

Ty: I knew she went a lot…but not every day.     

Olivia: Well, I do. And it’s more of a public service than an addiction. I am honestly nicer to my coworkers and the fellow man when I go to Starbucks in the morning. I think it has more to do with that 10 minutes of my own time rather than rushing from the shower to the cubicle. It makes me feel like maybe, possibly I might be in control of my life. (HA!)     

But since then I’ve been hooked on ordering a nice cappuccino after dinner. So for his birthday, I bought Ty (…and me…) an espresso/cappuccino-maker. I also finally bought some decaf espresso to make it, so we tried it out the other night.     

It was perfect. I made my cappuccino with vanilla soy milk. I am tagging this as dessert because it is as delicious as dessert. Paired with a light cookie, it is the perfect ending to a wonderful meal. I love how flavorful and light it is.    

For anyone who is worried about drinking too much coffee, the Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, they have found more reasons why coffee is good for you. I am not totally convinced, so don’t count me as an expert. Just something nice to read for folks who worry. (But really, don’t overdo it. I drink one cup of coffee a day…not four. That can’t be good for the heart. But that’s just my opinion.)      

Anyway, here is our adventure in caffeine:     








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