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June 22, 2010 / tyandolivia

Deliciously Drowned Plank (Salmon)

A good friend of ours gave us 5 cedar planks to use in smoking/grilling food. I’m still not sure if it was smoked or grilled, but I know that it was delicious! She suggested we use the recipe for the rub that was included with the package for the planks. It’s basically seven or eight different herbs and spices combined – very easy. It was also a good excuse to stock up on some Paprika and Terragon since those were the only two spices in the recipe I didn’t have and I usually just substitute something else for them.

But first, the drowning. Or soaking, whatever you want to call it. To use these planks you’re supposed to soak them for 2 hours in water (or 4 or 5 hours according to Holli, our friend who suggested the meal). Easy, right? Not. The planks are 18 inches long! The plan was to soak them on a cookie pan…the pan is 17.25 inches.

Not to worry! Marriage brings joy, bliss and many, many Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards! Since I never shop there (ever) I am using them for as many frivolous things as I can….like anything that is 18 inches. Amazingly enough even The Triple B couldn’t help. They had nothing that was 18 inches.

We went home with a plan to either empty one of our Rubber Maid bins or soak it in the bathtub. I was not a fan of the bathtub soaking since I had just cleaned it three days prior and Ty had used it to clean the air vent earlier that morning…so who knew what was floating in that place? I didn’t know, but I did know that I didn’t want anything extra in my bathtub.

Fortunately my husband is a genius (don’t get a big head now) and he came up with a plan to soak them in the styrofoam cooler we may or may not have lifted from our previous landlords…not really sure where that cooler came from…hmmm…

No matter! By 4 p.m. the planks were soaking, I was making the rub for the meal and snacking on my delicious appetizers. However, I was surprised to see the recipe for the rub called for equal amounts of almost everything (excluding salt and brown suger). I have typically seen recipes calling for 1/2 tsp. this, 1 tbsp. that, etc. Not this recipe. Oh no, it was bold. It wants one tablespoon of everything.

So that’s what I did. The recipe says it serves 4 to 6 people and we are only 2, so I made the recipe for what it said and put half on the salmon and half on our vegetables. We put the salmon on half of a plank on the grill and used the other plank and a half for asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes and zuchinni. So delicious (and almost carb free!).

For anyone who has had a meal cooked over a woodfire, this is for you…well, if you liked that meal, then this is for you. I loved it – it had so much flavor. The rub was delicious and the taste of the cedar wood smoked into the food was subtle but it brought back so many memories of camping and good food.

Ty topped it off with a tropical/wine/sangria mixture. I saw Giada grill peaches and put it in red and white wine and have been curious about it ever since. But Ty never just imitates – he innovates. (I know, I’m so cheesy). He added rum and another mixture I can’t remember before dropping in the grilled peaches. Perfect!

I followed this meal with my mom’s recipe for a molten lava cake. But I forgot to take pictures, so I guess I’ll have to make it another time! Weeee!!!


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