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June 4, 2010 / tyandolivia

Omelet a la Julia Child

So far, every Julia Child recipe I’ve tried has been a minor catastrophe (with the exception of sautéed mushrooms which is incredibly simple…ok and the hollandaise sauce – but I only got that one because it was a team effort between Ty and I)

But last week, I bought the extra ingredients I needed to make Ty one of his favorite desserts – molten lava cake. It’s basically chocolate cake in a ramican with melted chocolate on the inside. I’m not entirely sure how the science of it works, but this was going to be my last ditch effort at marriage, kinf of like: here’s-a-dessert-so-you-should-propose. But Ty proposed, so it was unnecessary.

Regardless, I checked the fridge before going to the store to get the ingredients because I’m notorious for having multiple jars of vanilla, bay leaves, vegetable oil, you-name-it because I can’t remember what’s in the pantry. So I checked for eggs and didn’t see any in their spot. So I bought a dozen eggs. Only to come home and discover that we already had a dozen eggs.

So instead of the love dessert, now we’re having an omelet. Having never made an omelet before, I resorted to Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume I. My mom told me or showed me how to make an omelet once. I can’t remember. Clearly, the method didn’t stick. Ha, just like my omelet! 🙂

I read the three pages dedicated to omelets twice. Feeling like I had a good grasp on the process, I started cooking. At which time Ty kindly rushed in questioning my methods. I tried to talk him through the process quickly, considering everything was happening so fast, just as Julia promised. One thing (of many) that she’s right about is that you don’t have time to refer to the cookbook during the omelte-making process.

So I tried to be vague–with authority to get him out of the kitchen. Fortunately, he stayed in long enough to make sure the butter got to the right melting point. This is crucial. It needs to be past the bubbling stage.

Ty: I don’t give a lot of credence to Julia Child but as a starting place for making an omelet, I believe the technique is there. She has proven me wrong.

My favorite part of the omelet process is when you put the beaten eggs into the pan and then you start shaking it back and forth. I was amazed at how it didn’t stick to the pan! Then I just tossed in shredded cheese (from a bag) diced tomato, green pepper, mushrooms and spinach. I let that shake around on the pan for a bit and then grabbed a plate with my right hand and shimmied the omelet halfway onto the plate. Once there, I tipped the pan so the other half of the omelet flipped over to make an omlet. Ta Da!

I am so impressed with myself. My first omelet. I can’t get over it. Topped off with some salsa and/or tabasco sauce and it’s perfect.

Ty toasted some Breakfast Bread courtesy of Publix. So delicious. It has raisins, nuts and other delicious breakfasty things. I love it!

Omelets with breakfast bread, tabasco and salsa...yum!


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