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May 5, 2010 / tyandolivia

Let’s get this show on the road

Olivia: My family never went to the beach for vacation even though we live in sunny Central Florida. It’s only an hour away, but no, we trecked to the mountains of North Carolina to hike eight miles uphill both ways to “earn our dinner” as my 5″11 120 lb. runway-modeling mother would say.

But I digress. I say all this to say that from these vacations my family has savored several childhood sayings that will stay with me for life. One being “Giddyup Daddy! Let’s get this show on the road!” as he is carrying me on his shoulders with our foodpack on his back hiking…uphill.

So even though I’m ready to “get this show on the road” with this blog, Ty and I just moved into a quaint (read: small) apartment in historic Sanford. The AC does not work. The faucet leaks. It has not been lived in for months so it is dusty and dirty.

But it is adorable. Especially now that I can see it since we have finally unpacked most of our boxes.

This is the reason for the lack of posting. We have been cooking…well, kind of. We cooked one Julia Child meal right before we started packingĀ and Ty has a lot to say about it, so stay tuned.


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